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November 18, 2021

3 Reasons Why a Farmer Should Get Farm Insurance



Farm insurance is there to cover losses on crops, buildings, land or livestock. Natural disasters, strange weather and vandalism can happen to anyone at any time. When it comes to a homestead, farm or ranch, a person will want to be covered and covered well. 


How do you know if you need farm insurance? There are typically three main reasons why a person needs to get farm insurance: 

  1. If a person is a farm or ranch home ownerYou can get a policy that will cover the farm and the homestead on the farm. The house and contents can be covered on a policy that covers farm land, equipment and livestock as well. A farmer can have both insurance policies separately written up, but they have the option (with many farm insurance providers) of having it all on one policy as well. 

  1. If a person owns farm or ranch property. A person may have a farm or ranch that is nowhere near their actual homestead. The farmer may have a farm or ranch that they work at and own (separate from the homestead).  

  1. If a person rents a farm or ranch for livestock or crops. Some farmers rent other land that is not theirs to plant more crops or to have more grazing land than they have on their own farm/ranch. Even though they are just renting the land, it is smart to get it insured. If there is a drought and they lose their crops on that rental property, the policy should cover those losses.  


If a person owns or rents a ranch/farm in any capacity, a farm insurance company can help them to get the right policy so that they are covered. Keep in mind, policies will vary from insurer to insurer.  

When it comes to natural disasters, a busy farmer/rancher does not want to be left sitting there wondering what to do next, or how they will recoup the loss from the destroyed crops or livestock.  

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