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July 15, 2021

3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Let Your Auto Insurance Lapse

3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Let Your Auto Insurance Lapse

Although we are in an economic recovery, money can be a bit tight. But even in these situations, it’s important that you pay your auto insurance premium. There are severe consequences of driving without auto insurance.

It’s Illegal

When you own a vehicle, maintaining at least the minimum auto insurance is a requirement. Liability insurance is necessary to cover any damage you cause if you are in a car wreck.

Additionally, if you are driving without minimum coverage, you may get a ticket if an officer of the law stops you. As a consequence of getting pulled over, you’ll might have to pay court costs, a lawyer, your auto insurance premium, and a fee for letting your coverage lapse. In the end, a lapse in your insurance could make your financial situation worse.

Your Finance Company Requires Auto Insurance

Many people finance their vehicle purchase, instead of paying cash for their car. These agreements often requires you to maintain full coverage continually. Full coverage includes liability, collision, and comprehensive insurance coverage. Full coverage protects both you and your finance company. If you are in a wreck, full coverage will help you get your car repaired or replaced, which protects your finance company’s interests too.

You Could Get into a Wreck

Statistically, there are more distracted drivers on the road than ever before. People are driving and responding to text messages, having phone conversations, or changing the radio station. All of these behaviors prevent them from committing their undivided attention to the highway. At any moment, a distracted driver can crash into you. Or, if you are the distracted driver, you can crash into someone else. If this happens while you don’t have auto insurance, then you are in for a big surprise; your insurance won’t pay for repairs.

If you hit someone else during a lapse in coverage, your insurance company won’t cover the damage. You will be responsible for paying to repair their vehicle. The costs of doing so can easily cost thousands of dollars, which could bankrupt the average driver.

Additionally, if you are the victim, getting into a wreck without insurance is still an inconvenience. After an accident, a settlement can take weeks or months, leaving your vehicle disabled the entire time.

The takeaway is, never drive without car insurance. Call us today for a free car insurance quote.

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