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July 12, 2021

4 Ways To Know If You Should Have Business Insurance

All businesses have certain risks. From the moment you begin manufacturing products, hiring employees, or offering services to customers and clients, someone might sue you. In order to protect yourself and your business from these lawsuits, there’s business insurance. However, there are numerous types of business insurance, and the options can be confusing. Below, we provide the top ways to know if your business requires business insurance — and what types are right for you.

1. Your Business Has A Brick-And-Mortar Location
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Insurance Needed: Property Insurance 

If you own or lease space where you conduct business, property insurance will protect you in the event an unexpected catastrophic event occurs. For example, if your business has a fire on a weekend when you’re not there and it burns to the ground, your property insurance should cover the losses you endure. Having adequate amounts of property insurance is a must.

2. Your Business Manufactures And/Or Sells A Product Or Products

Insurance Needed: Product Liability Insurance 

Any business that designs, manufactures, alters, and/or sells a product or products should have product liability insurance. This will cover lawsuits and possible payouts should someone sue you for property damage or personal injury caused by a defect (or so-called defect) in your product.

3. Your Business Has Employees

Insurance Needed: Workers Compensation Insurance 

If your business has employees, you must cover them in the event they sustain an injury on the job. This coverage will pay for an employee’s disability benefits, medical treatment, and/or death benefits if they obtain a serious injury while working. Unlike some other types of business insurance, workers compensation insurance is often required by law.

4. Your Business Requires The Driving Of Vehicles

Insurance Needed: Commercial Auto Insurance 

Whether your business uses vehicles for deliveries of products, human transportation, pickups, or anything else, you need commercial auto insurance. This is just like personal auto insurance, but it covers any business vehicles or personal vehicles that are driven for business purposes.

Whether you’re just starting out with your company or you’ve been going strong for years, talk to Interstate Insurance Agency, Inc.  about what type of business insurance may be right for you. By having the right insurance, you can avoid major problems and financial losses associated with unexpected business-related problems and/or lawsuits.  

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