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June 24, 2021

Preventing Slip and Fall Risks in Your Business

Preventing Slip and Fall Risks in Your Business

Everyone has seen a few online videos of someone slipping and falling in a random store (overturning a shelf in the process). We might laugh at the video, but we are forgetting to realize that after the camera stopped rolling, the victim might have sustained a severe injury. The ramifications of these accidents might represent a true threat to any business.

If a customer were to fall in your store, then they could choose to sue the business owner over the accident. This could cause your business significant financial challenges, regardless of whether the fall was an accident. That is why you need general liability insurance to help you respond to such issues.

What Are Common Fall Risks in My Business?

You cannot constantly blame a person’s fall just on them being clumsy. Usually, something (I.e., a hazard) must create a scenario for the fall to occur in the first place. That is why when someone falls in your business, it might be due to several existing problems, such as:

  • Wet floors, leaks, and other spills
  • Uneven or damaged flooring or steps
  • Insecure or damaged furniture
  • Falling objects
  • Obstructions in walkways

And more.

When you fail to mitigate these risks, they could threaten anyone who enters your premises. Potential victims might range from customers and clients, to vendors, employees, and yourself. It is your customers who you must actively work to protect with the highest level of conscientiousness.

Negative Impacts of Fall Injuries

Every business owner doubtless is aware that they must take responsibility for negative occurrences in their space. As a result, if someone were to get hurt in your business, such as by slipping and falling in a puddle, then the affected party might place the blame on the business.

Slip and fall accidents might result in painful, incapacitating injuries. Plus, they could also cause the victim to face lost income, significant medical bills, and other financial strains. As a result, they might demand that your business compensate them.

Covering Slip and Fall Damage

If someone were to slip and fall in your business, then you will need to help the injured party. Still, you should not put yourself in a strained financial situation by trying to meet this obligation. At this point, general liability insurance can come in handy. A general liability policy could help businesses compensate others if they made mistakes that harmed these third parties. Therefore, the business will not have to pay critical internal funds just to meet its obligations to others.

Take the time to invest in a well-funded business insurance general liability policy. It might prove instrumental in protecting both your business and injured parties. Talk to your insurance agent about how to tailor this value more expressly to your needs.

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