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June 3, 2021

Summer Exercise for Seniors

Exercise is important for people of all ages. Senior citizens benefit from exercise in many ways. Not only is physical health improved with exercise, but mental health is as well. Exercise can help seniors improve their balance, which will reduce the likelihood of a devastating fall injury. If you are a senior looking for fun ways to exercise, consider the following summer options.

Swimming provides a full body workout without straining joints. Many seniors enjoy swimming because all of the muscle groups are used during this cardiovascular exercise, but the risk of injury is very low. You can swim laps at your own pace. In addition, you will be cooling off on the hot summer days!

Bicycle Riding 
Going for a bicycle ride is fun for all ages. Seniors often enjoy cycling on a nice day. Vary your route to see different sights. Bring a friend and socialize while you exercise. Remember to wear a helmet and bring along a bottle of water.

Many people assume that golf doesn’t provide much exercise. However, if you opt to walk the course, you will find it physically demanding. Especially if your ball doesn’t always remain on the fairway and you have to search for it. Golf courses often provide a nice walk with some small hills. Repeatedly swinging the club will also provide your arms and torso with exercise.

Seniors should take advantage of the nice weather this summer and get out for some exercise. Check with a doctor before undertaking a new activity. Then enjoy participating in a sport that will provide you mental and physical benefits!

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